Sammy Baxter | About
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Sammy Baxter : Photographer / Director

sb-500Photographic art is my passion and as a photographer, capturing and inspiring imagery is what I’ve become recognised for in the world of fashion, beauty and marketing photography. Now based in Bournemouth and working all over the UK and London, my career so far has been born out of love for creating beautifully striking images in the most challenging environments.
After finding my feet as a fashion photographer on location in Spain, I’m happy to say that my unique take on any given brief has meant whilst working in the UK and London my reputation as a fashion photographer has sparked interested from some of the most recognised brands, designers and magazines in the industry.

My creativity and devotion to visualising images that evoke emotion and leave a long lasting impression always pushes me, as a fashion photographer, to tread the path untravelled and produce fresh and exciting imagery – no matter what the budget, location or timescale.

Today, working as a fashion photographer alongside some of the most recognised models, celebrities and designers and directing and styling my own shoots, I’ve never been more excited to be able to continue to add further dimensions to the world of published fashion and beauty photography and draw attention not just across the UK and London, but internationally too.